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The AI analyst that works for you

Bringing only the most important business insights

Get more accurate leads

Identick detects real-time growing interest of new potential customers and notifys you automatically.

Gain visibility

Identick gives you better visibility to your business funnel using concise and actionable intelligence.

Measure the impact of your marketing efforts

Identick reavels your online & offline success rates of your marketing and sales efforts in real time, making it easier to adjust your efforts on the go.

Discover new potential partners

Gain an edge by creating strong partnerships and collaborations with other organizations. Identick will tell you about those opportunities as they emerge.

Free yourself from complex and boring reports

Getting new intelligence or insights should be exciting, not frustrating. With Identick, if you can use e-mail you can enjoy powerful and actionable intelligence.

Think outside of the box

Identick AI helps you figure out new ways to get the attention of new customers.

Be a step ahead of competition

Identify the moment your potential customers start to research the market and look for new solutions.

Do what you're passionate about

Stop wasting your time on operating technology. The time and effort Identick saves you can let you focus on the more enjoyable and important part of your job.

Our Team

Our team consists of leading intelligence experts with many years of experience working for the private sector and governmental organizations. Our experience includes the development of intelligence tools and methodologies as well as getting our hands dirty while manually analyzing piles of data.

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