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Discover which companies are visiting your website

Identick converts your anonymous website visitors into accurate company profiles, allowing you to utilize the untapped potential of your inbound traffic.

Stop losing 98% of your inbound traffic.

Approximately 98% of your website visitors will never leave their contact details when visiting your company's site.

Identick turns your anonymous website visitors into accurate company profiles. This allows you to get warm leads, improve your sales team engagements with prospects and find new business opportunities that are hidden in your website traffic.

Discover new potential customers

Identify the companies that are already interested in your products.
Your sales team can focus on selling instead of chasing irrelevant leads.

Understand your buyer activity

Prepare your sales team for the next email or call based on what interests each prospect.
Let your marketing team focus on the content that matters the most.

Collaborate with your team

Keep your entire team synced with the latest prospects and website interactions by inviting them all to join Identick.

Get up and running in minutes

Start receiving invaluable insights within minutes, by adding a single snippet of code to your website.

Key Features


Quick Setup

Identick takes just a few moments to get up and running. Simply sign up, add our one-line snippet code to you your website and you're good to go.


Real-Time Prospects

Convert your anonymous website visitors into prospects, by understanding which companies are visiting your website in real time.


Email Reports

You and your team will receive daily or weekly email reports with the latest companies who have expressed interest in your services.


Team Access

Invite your team members to use Identick and get access to the Insights Dashboard.



Our prospect analytics give you an overview of the organizational traffic to your website. This enables you to see how much relevant traffic you attract to your company site.


Export Data

Download your company's prospect list in CSV format. Work on the data offline and import it to your CRM, Database, Excel and more.

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