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Account-Based Marketing, Simplified.

Account-based marketing has been proven to be the most efficient way to optimize the sales funnel. By utilizing ABM, companies can ensure a leaner funnel with higher quality MQLs and SQLs. However, implementing ABM initiatives isn’t always straight forward and simple. It’s one thing to create a list of target accounts and promote your company’s products to them, but once they follow through and visit your website, they most likely won't leave their contact details.
Identick helps B2B companies make the most of their website traffic by providing visibility on prospect and customer interactions and creating a personalized flow for each target account.

Who? Visibility

Visibility of your B2B website's traffic is crucial for the success of marketing efforts. We provide you with insights on the companies that have expressed interest in your products or services. Whether it is a prospect, a hot lead or an existing customer that might be interested in a custom integration, Identick's AI will be your assistant in providing recommendations and insights on the most interesting interactions.

Tailored Engagement

Deliver the most relevant content to your website visitors in real-time, based on their organizational association, industry or any other firmographic feature. Create a dynamic personalized experience without writing a single line of code.

Data Insights

By deeply analysing the interactions and
the identity of website visitors, Identick provides businesses with actionable business insights to help them make smarter business decisions.